Looking for Sunshine (304 views)

Dallas, Oregon
January 2, 2016

Looking for transfer to treasure coast of Florida. Will consider other southern Florida locations.

My office has only 5 rural routes no LLV’s so you have to provide your own vehicle. No FSS flats Does have DPS. Routes are: 3 43K’s, 1 43J, and 1 40H. My route is a 43K. Routes vary in mileage from 35 to 75 miles.

Dallas Oregon is a small town in the Willamette Valley. 45 minutes to the beach about an hour to Portland. Does have 4 seasons but very little snow less than 1 foot a year.Not too cold or too hot so it will be just right for you! Office has great management every route has their own RCA it is not a formula office. Great place to work very friendly.

Where do you want to transfer to? City and State: Southern Florida Coast

Number of Rural Routes in the Office: Between 5 and 20

Number of rural aux routes in your office: None

Postal provided vehicles in the office.: No routes

Does the office have growth potential: Yes

Is this a Formula office - (Days off provided on days other than Monday or Saturday): No

Is there a full compliment of relief carriers in the office? (a sub for every route): Yes

Approximate start times for rural routes in your office: Before 7am

Is this office an all rural office or do you have city routes also?: Rural and City


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