Coastal Florida looking for Greenville SC area (207 views)

Palm City, Florida
January 21, 2016

Palm City, East coast of Florida, near beaches. Suburban office. All routes have LLVs. Nice working atmosphere

Where do you want to transfer to? City and State: Greenville SC

Number of Rural Routes in the Office: Over 20

Number of rural aux routes in your office: Between 1 and 5

Postal provided vehicles in the office.: All routes

Does the office have growth potential: Yes

Is this a Formula office - (Days off provided on days other than Monday or Saturday): Yes

Is there a full compliment of relief carriers in the office? (a sub for every route): No

Approximate start times for rural routes in your office: 7 - 7:30 am

Is this office an all rural office or do you have city routes also?: All Rural


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